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The Church: Why This Mudgee Private Accommodation is Perfect for Your Wedding Night
19 Mar 2019

With the merry month of June fast approaching, people who are thinking of tying the knot will be looking for that perfect Mudgee private accommodation. A place where they can celebrate their love in complete privacy, throw their worries away, and plan their future together. A place like The Church, part of the Stay in Mudgee group. Why is it perfect for honeymooners?

The Church is one of the three private accommodations inside Stay in Mudgee, a sprawling 70-acre property. It has its own entrance and yard so you can rest and unwind,... read more

6 Mudgee Wineries You Must Visit In 2019
14 Jan 2019

Dubbed as “Nature Lover’s Delight,” Stay in Mudgee offers you breathtaking views, excellent accommodation and of course, proximity to six of Mudgee's finest wineries.  Within a few minutes of easy driving, you can enjoy wine tasting as you bask in the tranquil countryside. Stay in Mudgee is nestled on a sprawling 70-acre property where you get a picturesque view of the Cudgegong River, and animals like cattle, sheep, and horses happily grazing.

Mudgee Wineries Near Stay In Mudgee

As a valued guest, you are guaranteed the best Mudgee winery... read more

10 Things To Do In Mudgee
21 Dec 2018

Whether you are a nature-lover, an adventure seeker, a food and wine connoisseur, or a cultural heritage and landmark explorer, Mudgee offers varied attractions and activities that will suit and satisfy you.

1. Enjoy Wine Tasting And Wineries Tours

The town boasts of more than 40 family-owned cellar doors producing a variety of delectable wines and some even have fresh farm produce. Visit Vinifera wines, Lowe wines, Moothi Estate, Botolar Vineyard +Estate Winery or the Mudgee Brewing Company.

2. Eat Hearty And Fresh Or Organic Food

You can... read more

How To Find The Best Accommodation In Mudgee? These 5 Websites Can Help
19 Dec 2018

When does your preparation for your fun-filled dream vacation in Mudgee begin?  Does it start when you shop for comfy clothes that you would wear during vineyard tours? Or does it begin as you imagine yourself skydiving and hot-air ballooning with your friends? Yes, many considerations go into planning your perfect getaway: weather, budget, accommodation, places to explore, events to join. Thinking about these things all at the same time can be stressful and time-consuming.

But wait – do you already have a place to stay in Mudgee?

Typing... read more

Guest House Accommodation In Mudgee: 9 Reasons To Stay
14 Dec 2018

The long grueling hours you’ve spent growing your business and creating the life you envisioned for yourself and for your family makes you deserving of the perfect getaway money can buy. The same old hotel rooms that you stay in during business trips won’t do. What you need is a one-of-a-kind retreat that only a guest house accommodation in Mudgee can give.

It’s The Home Of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought of that place where you want to settle in after living the busy corporate life? Did you ever wish you had somewhere to run to when you... read more