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Why Logan Wines Is One Of The Best Mudgee Wineries

07 Feb 2018

A stunning landscape on warm days and cool evenings, excellent wines and a state of the art cellar door easily make Logan Wines, located in the northwest of Sydney, your newest travel destination. But how do you choose the best place to visit from among 60 wineries and cellar doors in Mudgee, NSW as shown in the latest Mudgee wineries map? Yes, you got it right! Choose the winery with uniquely crafted wine, like Logan Wines.

Logan Wines, an award-winning cellar door, is a must-see. It lends modern ambiance as you taste the full range of Logan wines or sample a platter of locally made cheese followed by homemade cake and excellent coffee.

Those who have experienced its unrivaled charm cannot help but agree that Logan Wines is “the most beautiful cellar door” in Mudgee. It is located 15 min from Mudgee along the Castlereagh Highway, and it is just 5 minutes away from Stay in Mudgee.

Perched on the side of a hill overlooking the family-owned vineyard that blends well with the surrounding mountains, Logan’s Tasting Room is a scene-stealer. Its eye-catching architecture, bright interior, and comfortable lounges add fun to your wine-tasting holiday.

Now, what else does Logan Wines offer more to its guests than meets the eye? 

What Makes Logan Wines One Of The Best Mudgee Wineries?

Logan’s Winemaking Secret

Peter Logan’s love for the rich character of fruity Australian wines and the balanced structure of Old World wines led him to produce wines that combine fresh Australia’s fruit flavors and Europe’s balance and finesse. 

Logan wines are produced from grapes grown in Mudgee and Orange regions. These wines are naturally fermented and, where appropriate, gently barrel-aged to underline the expression of the origin in the finished wine. Mudgee region’s temperate climate and well-drained soil help grape-growers to produce wines with intensity and flavor that appeal to your palate. On the other hand, Orange region’s altitude and rich volcanic soil, with its sunny and dry days thanks to the desert region in the inland west, complete the natural setting for Australia’s world-famous Logan wines. 

Logan’s Excellent Wines

Logan Range

Wines in the Logan Range are produced exclusively from grapes grown in Orange Region’s highest altitude vineyards. These are just perfect for those who enjoy life with great relish. Let the rich aroma of lemon, guava, green papaya and macadamia bring you countryside charm with Logan 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. Its lime and pink grapefruit flavours with a smooth mineral finish would surely suit your taste. Its description of “light, fresh and fruity” aptly fits it. 

If you love silky smooth flavors, Logan 2016 Chardonnay is your best bet.  Have a good time savoring its aroma of nectarine, pear, and nectarine pomelo. Its flavours of lemon, white peach and cashew give it a delicate texture and a long finish that is unmistakably delightful.

The Logan 2017 ‘Hannah’ Rosé is a happy blend of Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Its pulsating but gentle aroma of cherry watermelon and cinnamon is a good start. Its vibrant flavours of red apple, blood plum, pomegranate and orange zest give you a softly textured and finely balanced palate with a brilliant finish.

Logan 2015 Pinot Noir is luscious but light and fruity. Its aroma of wild strawberry, chinotto, rose and forest floor is simply enchanting. Its vibrant flavours of red berries, sour cherry and cinnamon give a soft silky palate with a spicy finish.

Logan 2015 Shiraz is a consistent favourite. Its distinct aroma of dark cherry, summer pudding, white pepper, tarragon, bay leaf and thyme is simply inviting. With its soft, rich medium-bodied palate, it has rich flavours of red berries, purple plums, and woody spice before a smooth finish.

If you like pleasant surprises, have a taste of Logan 2012 Cabernet Merlot. This dry red brings you the aromas of dark chocolate rosemary, blackberry, beetroot, rosemary, and tobacco. It is medium bodied with its mouth-filling palate which also shows raspberry, thyme, and fresh earth.

Often referred to as a breakfast wine, presumable due to its lower alcohol content, you will not go wrong with 2017 Moscato. It has a fresh aroma of flowers and fruit salad. The semi-sweet palate has an uplifting frizzante with flavours of rambutan, pear, and ginger and gives a clean finish.

Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee Range 

Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvée, is named after Malcolm Logan, Peter’s father. It is produced from the classic French sparkling varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. It is predominantly Chardonnay, with approximately 20% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier. This combination results in an elegant and luscious sparkling wine, with complex nut, biscuit, and zippy lemon aroma. With its distinct but full palate, you get a charming long finish.

Clementine Range

Their Clementine range is described as lively, full of vigor and with a punch of boldness.

Hold your breath for an amazing discovery –the 2017 Clementine Pinot Gris. It brings you the lavish aroma of poached pear, orange rind, wild strawberry, florals (honeysuckle, jasmine, and rose), spice (cinnamon, allspice, ginger and fennel seed) and walnut with stone fruit (peach, red plum, and apricot), orange, quince and guava flavours. Its palate has a distinct tang that leads to a grand finish. 

Another lovely addition to this range is the 2017 Clementine ‘Blushing Minnie’ Pinots. It has a pretty aroma of wild strawberry, orange rind, florals (like rose and violet) and spice (like cinnamon, nutmeg, caraway seed and tarragon) with raspberry, blood plum, and cherry flavours. Its palate has a silky smooth texture and velvety soft tannins, giving an unruffled mouthfeel.

Weemala Range

It is interesting to know that “Weemala” means  “good view” in the aboriginal language. The family’s vineyard in Mudgee is named “Weemala.” Hence, the local Mudgee birds that have a very good view of the Logan vines are seen on the bottle labels of Weemala Wines.

Let’s now have a good preview of this range. Dubbed as the “world’s most versatile wine,” the 2016 Riesling is an exquisite dry white wine. Its strong aroma of mandarin and orange blossom complements the flavours of lime and iced tea. What makes it unique is its dry and juicy core that is balanced by a slate-like acidity and sparkling freshness.

Another great find is 2017 Gewürztraminer. It brings the sweet aroma of red apple, Turkish delight, lavender, and guava. Its flavours of lychee, pear, rose water, ginger and woody spices create a textured palate. Make this enjoyable drink yours.

You would not want to miss 2016 Pinot Gris.  Its palette of aroma boasts of quince, blood orange, honeysuckle, and nougat. It has pear, white peach, ripe lemon and almond flavours on a silkily textured palate – just enough for a brilliant lemon finish.

A red wine variety, the 2016 Pinot Noir is a popular choice. Its perfumed aroma of bush strawberry, wild flowers, cinnamon, and toast combine very well with flavours of cherry, rhubarb, red berries and spice. Indeed, it brings on a jolly yet complex palate.

The 2015 Shiraz Viognier comes with a unique blend of Shiraz and Viognier grapes from Orange and Mudgee. It rightly boasts of the red Pinot floral lift from the aroma of mulberry, dark chocolate, allspice, fresh earth, white pepper, and fennel. It has a rich medium-bodied palate with flavours of blackberries, plums, liquorice, and spice. Surely, you would savor this with its long finish.

Now, here comes the 2014 Merlot from the Central Ranges. This wine is opulent with aromas of blue and blackberries, plum, violets, dark chocolate, black olive, and truffle. It gives a soft palate of bright mixed berries and thyme before a long dry finish.

The 2016 Tempranillo completes the Weemala range. Its great aromas of black cherry, mulberry, nutmeg, cocoa, and liquorice easily delight you. It also gives you a robust palate with its flavours of sarsaparilla, plum, blackberry, woody spices and vanilla bean linger before a long finish.

Apple Tree Flat Range

A well-loved story goes with this equally loved range of wines.  It tells of a humble winemaker from Apple Tree Flat who created quality varietal wines but were affordable for everyday enjoyment. This story is kept alive today through this special range of wines. Hand-drawn illustrations on the bottle labels portray the winemaker’s daily life. In a way, these add a unique flavor to your wine tasting.  These wines are great everyday drinking wines and are priced accordingly at approx $10-$12 from cellar door (on last my last visit).

Let’s begin with Apple Tree Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine gives aromas of guava, lemon zest, lime, lanolin, sage and sea spray. Try its crisp flavours of white peach, mixed citrus, and nuts for a clean citrus finish.

The 2015 Apple Tree Flat Chardonnay is a beautiful blend of grapes from Orange and Mudgee regions. It has aromas of white peach, grapefruit, and nut while its textured palate has flavours of pear, lemon and nectarine. Not a huge chardonnay and one that can be enjoyed without food.  Having recently enjoyed it over yum cha, I was surprised at how well it went with the amount of chilli I have.

The 2016 Apple Tree Flat Rosé is highly recommended for the Aussie summer, it has a lovely watermelon, red berry, and spice aroma. Its bright palate has flavours of mixed berries, cherry and plum before a long crisp finish.

The 2013 Apple Tree Flat Merlot has rich aroma soft blueberry, dark chocolate and rosemary Its flavours of blackberry, plum and black olive for an enjoyable finish. 

How about tasting a smooth drink that you can have every day? Go for the 2014 Apple Tree Flat Shiraz. Its rich aroma brings red berries, white pepper and star anise with a floral lift. The fleshy palate has sweet flavours of mixed berries, plums, cinnamon, and liquorice.

The 2013 Apple Tree Flat Cabernet Merlot completes our list of select wines. Its aromas of raspberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, tobacco and fresh turned earth blend well with the flavours of blackberry and thyme for a delightful palate.

Friendly Service And Live Music

Aside from the distinct line-up of gourmet wines and delicious cheese platters, Logan Wines is proud of its friendly service for their visitors. Throughout the year, it hosts the hottest chefs from Sydney’s top restaurants for degustation dinners matched to a selection of Logan Wines. It’s worth planning a weekend just for that!

Another add-on to this great place is the live music during peak times, that gives their guests a complete wine-tasting experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Head for Logan Wines and reward yourself with the best cellar-door holiday experience.

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