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Guest House Accommodation In Mudgee: 9 Reasons To Stay
14 Dec 2018

The long grueling hours you’ve spent growing your business and creating the life you envisioned for yourself and for your family makes you deserving of the perfect getaway money can buy. The same old hotel rooms that you stay in during business trips won’t do. What you need is a one-of-a-kind retreat that only a guest house accommodation in Mudgee can give.

It’s The Home Of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought of that place where you want to settle in after living the busy corporate life? Did you ever wish you had somewhere to run to when you... read more

Why Stay In Mudgee?
12 Nov 2018

When was the last time you shut off from the rest of the world and just have time for yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to unwind, relax, and just sit back while sipping quality wine as you watch the world slowly go by? How about a stay in Mudgee? Here, you’ll discover a perfect retreat exclusively made for people who deserve the best relaxation nature can give. What’s this accommodation in Mudgee all about? Read on.

Breath-Taking View

Take your stretches outside and appreciate the beautiful view as you watch an expanse of fields and hills... read more

Things To Do In Mudgee When You Only Have 48 Hours
30 Oct 2018

I write this coming from the perspective of food and wine, so little time! So what are the things to do in Mudgee when you’re pressed for time? Read on! 

Arrival – 5pm Friday afternoon.  Drop your bags at your Mudgee accommodation, then head into Roth’s Wine Bar for a huge selection of local wines with great food to match. Catch some live local music and settle in to an enjoyable evening in Mudgee’s oldest wine bar.

Saturday – after your much needed sleep in, head to the Dancing Goat Café for outstanding coffee (Campos) and delicious... read more

Mudgee Wine Tours You’ve Got To Try
02 Sep 2018

So you want to visit our region? Great! We are known for our award-winning wines, fresh paddock to plate food, friendly faces, and memorable wine tours!

We’ve so many winery tours available. You can choose from over 40 wineries and also decide your preferred mode of transport. We have buses, vans, cars, trikes and even helicopters to take you there.

The great thing about Mudgee wine tours is that you can have them customized according to your preferences. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your chosen Mudgee... read more

Mudgee Wine Festival: What Goes On?
19 Aug 2018

Come 7th of September, the region will once again turn into a kaleidoscope of events, brought to you by the Mudgee Wine + Food Festival!

Come and enjoy all the activities meticulously prepared by the region and winery owners. There will be live music, tastings, lunches, dinners, and tours!

The month-long wine celebration kicks off with the prestigious Mudgee Wine Show Dinner on the 7th at the Craigmoor Pavillion. Here you can mingle with the winemakers and award winners whilst enjoying food by Kim Currie, matched with the trophy winning... read more

A Church in Mudgee: A Marriage of the Old and New
19 Jul 2018

Perhaps one of the reasons why I love being at home is the gem situated in a private corner of Harrowfield Homestead – A Church in Mudgee.

I remember how it felt like the first time I saw it.  You know the feeling when you’re just a few steps away from home after a long time of being away? Your steps get quicker, eager to see that old, familiar place, smell the scent of the things you grew up with? That’s how I felt. It was home.

Everything is so well laid out. It is spacious but cosy. Its charm, I guess, lies in its quaint and simple... read more

What Makes A Memorable Wedding In Mudgee?
27 Jun 2018

Couples like you want to have a memorable wedding – something you’ll want to remember for years to come. You want it to be meaningful, a unique celebration of your love and happiness. And your guests come all the way from wherever just to celebrate with you!

What Makes A Memorable Wedding For Everyone?

It all starts with the right preparation. As early as you can, plan your wedding. Although doing so cannot guarantee a perfect wedding, or make it hassle-free, it will at least help relieve your nerves weeks before the church bells start... read more

Living In Mudgee: What It’s Like
07 Jun 2018

Having grown up in the country, then doing the obligatory ten years in the city, moving back seemed only natural. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. I get asked a lot what it’s like living in Mudgee. Well, to me it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am once again surrounded by the beauty of nature spread in wide open spaces, not to mention vineyards. I am partial to a good glass of wine!

Why I Love Living In Mudgee

I fell in love with Mudgee the first time I visited. ... read more

When It Comes To Mudgee Boutique Shopping, These Six Are The Best
24 May 2018

Mudgee, as you may know by now, is becoming a popular town for its old-world charm, wineries, farmers markets, and restaurants. But to complete the experience, you have to visit a Mudgee boutique. So which Mudgee boutique should you visit? Below are some amazing ones:

1. Mac And Co Homewares

Mac and Co Homewares has classic, simple and timeless designs that can bring a certain warmth to your home – and wardrobe. This Mudgee boutique has a lot to offer – bags, clothes, accessories, stunning homeware and more!

2. Cedar Cicada

Looking for... read more

Mudgee Organic Wines Are Becoming Famous!
17 May 2018

You may have seen more Mudgee organic wines popping up in restaurants and bottle shops. Yes, our very own wines are becoming the “in” thing nowadays, with more people looking for healthier and environmentally-friendly options. But did you know that most Mudgee organic wine producers have been creating their masterpieces long before bio-dynamic wines became popular?

Yes- and thanks to Mother Nature for giving us that rich, red soil coupled with a wonderful climate that’s conducive to growing grapes, fruits and vegetables. Now, if you’re... read more