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A Church in Mudgee: A Marriage of the Old and New
19 Jul 2018

Perhaps one of the reasons why I love being at home is the gem situated in a private corner of Harrowfield Homestead – A Church in Mudgee.

I remember how it felt like the first time I saw it.  You know the feeling when you’re just a few steps away from home after a long time of being away? Your steps get quicker, eager to see that old, familiar place, smell the scent of the things you grew up with? That’s how I felt. It was home.

Everything is so well laid out. It is spacious but cosy. Its charm, I guess, lies in its quaint and simple... read more

What Makes A Memorable Wedding In Mudgee?
27 Jun 2018

Couples like you want to have a memorable wedding – something you’ll want to remember for years to come. You want it to be meaningful, a unique celebration of your love and happiness. And your guests come all the way from wherever just to celebrate with you!

What Makes A Memorable Wedding For Everyone?

It all starts with the right preparation. As early as you can, plan your wedding. Although doing so cannot guarantee a perfect wedding, or make it hassle-free, it will at least help relieve your nerves weeks before the church bells start... read more

Living In Mudgee: What It’s Like
07 Jun 2018

Having grown up in the country, then doing the obligatory ten years in the city, moving back seemed only natural. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. I get asked a lot what it’s like living in Mudgee. Well, to me it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am once again surrounded by the beauty of nature spread in wide open spaces, not to mention vineyards. I am partial to a good glass of wine!

Why I Love Living In Mudgee

I fell in love with Mudgee the first time I visited. ... read more

When It Comes To Mudgee Boutique Shopping, These Six Are The Best
24 May 2018

Mudgee, as you may know by now, is becoming a popular town for its old-world charm, wineries, farmers markets, and restaurants. But to complete the experience, you have to visit a Mudgee boutique. So which Mudgee boutique should you visit? Below are some amazing ones:

1. Mac And Co Homewares

Mac and Co Homewares has classic, simple and timeless designs that can bring a certain warmth to your home – and wardrobe. This Mudgee boutique has a lot to offer – bags, clothes, accessories, stunning homeware and more!

2. Cedar Cicada

Looking for... read more

Mudgee Organic Wines Are Becoming Famous!
17 May 2018

You may have seen more Mudgee organic wines popping up in restaurants and bottle shops. Yes, our very own wines are becoming the “in” thing nowadays, with more people looking for healthier and environmentally-friendly options. But did you know that most Mudgee organic wine producers have been creating their masterpieces long before bio-dynamic wines became popular?

Yes- and thanks to Mother Nature for giving us that rich, red soil coupled with a wonderful climate that’s conducive to growing grapes, fruits and vegetables. Now, if you’re... read more

Pipeclay Pumphouse Restaurant: For An Unforgettable Eating Experience In Mudgee
04 May 2018

Ask people who have already visited Mudgee and they’ll probably tell you that one of the most unforgettable experiences they’ve had is eating at the Pipeclay Pumphouse. This paddock to table restaurant is located in the grounds of one of the most renowned Mudgee wineries – Robert Stein’s and is considered topnotch when it comes to fine dining. Enjoy the delicious creations of Chef Andy Crestani while admiring the view of the vineyard, valley, and farm, where most of the ingredients are sourced. For more variety, Pipeclay also sources from... read more

The Zin House: Pride Of Mudgee Restaurants
11 Apr 2018

If there’s one place to eat in Mudgee that speaks of elegance in simplicity, I’d vote for The Zin House, the only hatted restaurant in town. It’s housed on the Tinja Property, a certified organic and biodynamic farm where the famous Lowe Winery is also located. 

What Makes The Zin House A Cut Above The Rest?

Unlike other restaurants where you can choose your food from a set menu, here, the menu is based on what’s available on the farm!  And no fancy tricked up food here – just a great tasting menu made from the freshest of ingredients.... read more

Robert Stein Winery: Unmatched In Its Class
01 Apr 2018

Do you need to take a break from stressful city living? Are you looking forward to enjoying every minute of your winery visit to an excellent cellar door set amidst picturesque vineyard? Look no further. Robert Stein Winery in Mudgee is your perfect destination for a well-deserved weekend getaway or holiday vacation.

Of the more than 40 cellar doors in Mudgee, Robert Stein Winery remains unmatched in its class. It has a Red 5 Star rating for being one of Mudgee’s Highest Rate Wineries” by James Halliday Wine Companion in 2016 that attests... read more

Burnbrae Wines: Why Is It Considered One Of Mudgee’s Icons?
11 Mar 2018

Locals and people in the know are aware of which Mudgee wineries are the best. One of their consistent favourites? Burnbrae Wines!

But why has Burnbrae Wines captured the hearts of many? Why has it become a chosen destination of people who seek an authentic vineyard adventure?

Below are some of the reasons why.

Why Is Burnbrae Wines Considered A Mudgee Icon?

1. Handcrafted Wines

Burnbrae’s handcrafted wines are simply exceptional. They are well made, have a real story behind them and they hold their own on any occasion, from everyday... read more

Why Lowe Wine Is Beyond Amazing: 6 Top Reasons
02 Mar 2018

Lowe Wines is now a byword among well-pleased holiday travelers to the wineries in Mudgee, NSW.

In March 2015, Lowe Wines was named as “Mudgee Star Cellar Door” by the Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine. It also won in 2013 the CountryLink Inland Tourism Award in the category of tourism wineries, distilleries, and breweries.

Currently ranked 1 by TripAdvisor among 59 things to do in Mudgee Region, Lowe Wines just gets better through the years … well, just like wine.

So, what makes Lowe Wines one of the most popular Mudgee wineries?

Why Lowe... read more

Why Logan Wines Is One Of The Best Mudgee Wineries
07 Feb 2018

A stunning landscape on warm days and cool evenings, excellent wines and a state of the art cellar door easily make Logan Wines, located in the northwest of Sydney, your newest travel destination. But how do you choose the best place to visit from among 60 wineries and cellar doors in Mudgee, NSW as shown in the latest Mudgee wineries map? Yes, you got it right! Choose the winery with uniquely crafted wine, like Logan Wines.

Logan Wines, an award-winning cellar door, is a must-see. It lends modern ambiance as you taste the full range of... read more

Moothi Estate Winery: Your One-Of-A-Kind Experience
28 Jan 2018

Moothi Estate Winery is located on the north-west facing slopes of Mount Frome, overlooking the Mudgee valley. True to its unique Koori name which means “nest in the hills”, Moothi Estate is one of the highest vineyards in Mudgee.

Breathtaking views over the Mudgee wine-trail, award-winning range of wines, gourmet-tasting platter, impeccable service and time-saving proximity to Stay in Mudgee – all these would definitely make your Moothi cellar door moments unforgettable.

What Would Make Your Experience In Moothi Estate Winery A Unique... read more

Helicopter Tours: A New Exciting Way To Experience Mudgee
21 Jan 2018

Aside from our premium accommodations that match your sophisticated taste, we at Stay in Mudgee also provide you a chance to explore what this beautiful town has to offer and forge wonderful memories you’ll take with you forever. What better way to do this than taking a tour and see Mudgee – in style. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mudgee Helicopters to provide one-of-a-kind helicopter tours for our guests.

4 Helicopter Tours For A Unique Mudgee Trip

Scenic Air Travel

Witness the region’s splendour from the best possible... read more

Harrowfield Homestead : Why It’s One Of The Perfect Family Holiday Destinations
17 Jan 2018

Let’s face it. Even if you’re living with your family, there’s a good chance that you get limited bonding time with them, because of busy schedules. This is why you search for family holiday destinations where you can really spend quality time with them. Since you’re from the city, you probably want a place that lies just on the outskirts. Somewhere quiet and laid back but has the conveniences you have at home.

How about Harrowfield Homestead? Why? Read on and find out.

Lots Of Space

How about 70 acres of rolling hills with river views?... read more