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Harrowfield Homestead : Why It’s One Of The Perfect Family Holiday Destinations

17 Jan 2018

Let’s face it. Even if you’re living with your family, there’s a good chance that you get limited bonding time with them, because of busy schedules. This is why you search for family holiday destinations where you can really spend quality time with them. Since you’re from the city, you probably want a place that lies just on the outskirts. Somewhere quiet and laid back but has the conveniences you have at home.

How about Harrowfield Homestead? Why? Read on and find out.

Lots Of Space

How about 70 acres of rolling hills with river views? Play tennis, swim in a pool, or just walk till you drop? It’s definitely a far cry from the hustle and bustle of city life, where you only have a few meters to go from points A to B. Go ahead and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings! There are lots of grassy areas where you can do your daily meditation or play with the kids.


Got children? All the more reason why Harrowfield Homestead can be one of the best family holiday destinations! Let them explore the expansive yard, play on the trampoline, enjoy the music room or play with the toybox. They can wake to the sound of birds and nothing else!  There are cattle roaming in the paddocks and you can even let them peek into our chook palace early in the morning and they might see one of the chooks laying an egg.

Be Active Or Relax

Harrowfield Homestead also has the Church on-site that was converted to a self-contained guesthouse.  Across both, they sleep ten so there’s plenty of room for the extended family.  The property gives you options – you can be active utilising the tennis court and large in-ground pool.  Or it offers you the opportunity to slow down, unwind and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.  It’s like your home away from home – only better. And with the new offer of helicopter winery tours, you better get your camera ready for unlimited video and picture-taking!

Friendly Places, Friendly Faces

Stay in Harrowfield Homestead even for a few days and you’ll experience comfort and relaxation like you no doubt deserve!  And this Mudgee accommodation is child-friendly so you won’t have to worry about your little ones getting into trouble. That will give you the “me” time you deserve.

Proximity To The Best Wineries

Want to sample some of Mudgee’s best wines? Harrowfield Homestead is near six of the best Mudgee wineries! You can drive to visit Logan, Skimstone, First Ridge, Mongrel, Moothi Estate, and Burrundulla Wines. Or you can opt to ride a helicopter! Sweet, isn’t it?

Want to learn more about Mudgee? Visit Stay in Mudgee blog which has a lot of information for you to learn and enjoy!

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