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Mudgee Attractions: 10 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

03 Jun 2019

If you’re planning to visit us, it would help to know some of Mudgee’s attractions. This will help you plan your itinerary so you can save precious time, money, and effort.

Some of the Mudgee attractions listed here are hidden gems; beautiful places that locals hold dear in their hearts but are yet to be discovered by tourists. The popular ones, you absolutely must visit to find out why people love them!

Here’s my list of Mudgee attractions in no particular order.

1. Dunns Swamp

If you want a different kind of experience, try Dunns Swamp. You can hire a kayak but bringing your own will be better during peak season. Enjoy the breathtaking view – nature at its finest! It’ll also be best to bring your own food and water. No pets allowed. It’s also ideal for camping, but if you’d rather sleep on a bed with soft linens set in a private accommodation, you can book three accommodation options at Stay in Mudgee.

2. Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve

Are you planning to visit us in early spring? Then Munghorn is not a place to be missed! Come spring, the heathland is abloom with beautiful flowers, giving you a breathtaking experience. Go birdwatching, be awed with natural rock formations, cook some barbecues, or walk til you drop!

3. The Drip Gorge

Beautiful rock formations shaped by nature, water dripping from the cliff, a cool place to visit in summer – this is what The Drip Walking Track is all about. Enjoy the 3 km walk as you feast your eyes on the beautiful surrounding. Pets not allowed, though.

4. Mudgee Honey Haven

Do you want to experience something sweet? Then include Mudgee Honey Haven in your itinerary. The place has everything honey – from tasting a huge variety of this liquid gold and wines to a vast array of products you can take home as souvenirs or giveaways! Got children with you? They will love to see the bees at work. They can play Putt Putt Golf too!

5. Yum Cha at Rylstone (29 nine 99)

Craving for some dumplings? This is one place I’d recommend, not only for its yummy dumplings but also for its quaint, romantic appearance. It’s set in an old sandstone building with a small courtyard where you can sit back and relax as you enjoy your dumplings.

Na Lan, the owner, offers dumplings in sets of 6, 8, 10 or 12, in different flavors. You can decide which, but based on experience, Na Lan’s recommendations are the best!

6. Weekend Woodfire Pizza at Burnbrae Wines and Di Lusso Wines

Never leave Mudgee without tasting these pizzas! Burnbrae’s pizzas are thin and crispy, with just the right blend of toppings. Once a month plus long weekends, they offer live acoustic music – it’s really a great day out.  Di Lusso’s pizzas are equally great and there is plenty of space for the children to explore. 

7. Roths Wine Bar

Great food + wines + live entertainment? You have to check out Mudgee’s oldest wine bar Roth’s! Wood fired pizzas, trivia night’s, great bottle shop with a huge selection of local wines.  Fridays and Saturdays, they have live performers so you can eat, drink and dance the night away.

8. Wine Tour with Mudgee VIP Wine Tours

Explore Mudgee’s splendor with the number one rated tour company on Trip Adviser. Alyson offers personalised tours to some of Mudgee’s most famous wineries. Her knowledge and passion is second to none.

9. Homeware Shopping on Church and Market Streets

From charming bespoke furniture to beautiful home accessories, Mudgee has it all! Check out my previous blog post where I shared six best places when it comes to Mudgee boutique shopping!

10. Long Lunch at Zin House and Pipeclay Pumphouse

To me, a long lunch is a must at both these top-notch restaurants. Experiment food and wine pairings, while enjoying the time with family or friends. No rush when you’re at these long lunches – they encourage you to linger.

Of course, after a long day of exploring these Mudgee attractions, you’d love to rest in a place that’s spacious, quiet and private. Try Stay in Mudgee, a premium private accommodation that has quality amenities including a huge saltwater pool, tennis court, fireplaces and lots of spaces to sit, relax and admire the breathtaking views.

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