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Mudgee Organic Wines Are Becoming Famous!

17 May 2018

You may have seen more Mudgee organic wines popping up in restaurants and bottle shops. Yes, our very own wines are becoming the “in” thing nowadays, with more people looking for healthier and environmentally-friendly options. But did you know that most Mudgee organic wine producers have been creating their masterpieces long before bio-dynamic wines became popular?

Yes- and thanks to Mother Nature for giving us that rich, red soil coupled with a wonderful climate that’s conducive to growing grapes, fruits and vegetables. Now, if you’re visiting Mudgee for the first time, you might be wondering where you can get organic wines. Below are some Mudgee wineries that offer organics.

Which Wineries Make Mudgee Organic Wines?

1. Botobolar

Dubbed as Australia’s oldest, certified organic vineyard, Botobolar is popular for its preservative-free and low preservative Mudgee organic wines. This winery has been in the organic wine production since 1984. It has Shiraz, which is rich and spicy; Cabernet Sauvignon, which has hints of mint and chocolate, and its Busby clone Chardonnay. Botobolar offers organic red, white and rose wines.  A very worthwhile cellar door visit.

2. Thistle Hill

For over 40 years, Thistle Hill has been creating Mudgee organic wines which have become favourites of both locals and nationals.  They have always been organic and believe that organic wines simply taste better.  Maybe we are too used to non-organic wines that we don’t know what we are missing?  And here’s a little history for you – Thistle Hill is home to the first waystation, from the Australian gold rush of the 1800s!

3. Lowe Wines

David Lowe says, “You can only make organic wine from organic grapes.” This is why at Lowe’s, everything’s organic, from naturally-occurring chemicals for herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to natural fertilizers. Lowe’s has its very own compost business for their fertilizer and other farm needs.

A must-try organic wine from Lowe’s is the Tinja red wine. It’s made from organically grown Shiraz grapes, and it has the bud logo and certification number which guarantee that no pesticides or inorganic fertilizers were used in its production. 

4. Martins Hill

Martins Hill is a small but NASAA certified organic vineyard. And when they say organic, it really is! Their vineyard uses all of nature’s wonderful resources and workers – the sheep, the birds and the lady beetles! Would you believe that its owner, Michael Sweeney, even created a hotel for the ladybeetles? You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Now, if you don’t have the time to drop by Martins Hill, you can buy its wines from its mobile cellar door or online.

5. Vinifera

Acclaimed as Mudgee’s best small cellar door in 2017 by Gourmet Travel Wine, Vinifera is proudly family owned and certified organic! Its owner, Tony McKendry, has been in collaboration with 2012 Young Winemaker of the Year Jacob Stein to produce award-winning organic wines.

Their range? Distinctive Spanish reds to luscious dessert wines!

6. Broombee Organic Wines

Broombee offers something for everyone, whether you’re into wines, olive oil, and olives, fruits and preserves, or collectibles.

One wine to note is Broombee’s 2009 Shiraz which won the bronze at the 2011 Mudgee Wine Show. It also offers Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, and Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. All these are premium, low preservative hand-crafted wines. No animal products have been used in their processing.

At Broombee, you’ll also have other great finds, from olive oil and olives, fruits and preserves, and even collectible items.


Oh, and it’s just seven minutes away from Stay in Mudgee!

So if ever you plan to stay in Mudgee, consider visiting these Mudgee organic wineries. You won’t only enjoy the view – you’ll taste delicious, preservative-free wines that are good for your health too.

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