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The Zin House: Pride Of Mudgee Restaurants

11 Apr 2018

If there’s one place to eat in Mudgee that speaks of elegance in simplicity, I’d vote for The Zin House, the only hatted restaurant in town. It’s housed on the Tinja Property, a certified organic and biodynamic farm where the famous Lowe Winery is also located. 

What Makes The Zin House A Cut Above The Rest?

Unlike other restaurants where you can choose your food from a set menu, here, the menu is based on what’s available on the farm!  And no fancy tricked up food here – just a great tasting menu made from the freshest of ingredients. Most of what goes into the delicious dishes come from Tinja’s and neighboring farms’ produce, from herbs to vegetables to honey!

The menu usually consists of five or six courses that complement each other, and you can opt for the wine matching should you wish.  It’s like tasting the best of what the Mudgee Region has to offer, including the wine of course! Here’s a sample menu they offer for now.

I had the pleasure of dining here last week and it had been a long time between visits.  I was once again reminded of how special the venue; the greeting, the décor, the knowledgeable and attentive staff, the always interesting and thoroughly enjoyable food and the great selection of Mudgee wine.

Aside from the superb food, there are two things I love most about The Zin House.  First, its long lunches. They never turn tables – they give you enough time to savour each dish and even encourage you to explore the area! Imagine walking into a huge garden filled with different types of edible plants, varied depending on the seasons. In summer, you’ll see the garden ablaze with blood plums, apricots, almonds, peaches, figs, and strawberries; mulberries, rye corn, fresh verjuice and grape vine leaves in spring; feijoas, pink peppercorns, quinces, chestnuts, walnuts, muscat grapes, hazelnuts, persimmons, pomegranates, and olives in autumn! Winter is time for lemons, limes, blood oranges, and mushrooms!

The second thing I love is that you leave feeling completely satisfied, and not like you’ve overeaten.  You leave having had, as my mother and grandmother always taught me to say, elegant sufficiency!

Proof of its excellence is in the multiple awards it has received from some of Australia’s most revered food reviewers and bloggers. The ZIn House is awarded One Chef Hat SMH Good Food Guide for three consecutive years. It’s also considered as one of the best foodie traveller destinations by the Traveller.

A Threatened Legacy

The Tinja Property has been under the Lowe name since the 1830’s. But because of an ongoing legal battle, that legacy is threatened. That’s why Kim Currie, owner of The Zin House, is asking for help, to keep the property under the Lowe name.

You can help preserve one of Mudgee’s icons by contributing whatever amount here:

Let’s all work together!

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